Whitney Johns

Have you met @whitneyjohns?

If you are looking for fitness inspiration then you can’t go wrong following Whitney Johns.

She is an effective Fitness Coach, WBFF Pro Competitor
and Fitness Model. If you like her results then start copying her workouts.

Try her Fitness App for best results.


She emphasizes that your fitness transformation will really begin when you get control of the food you intake.

Her Fitness Journey

Whitney Johns Transforms lives starting with her own

Whitney was always active but not training her body the most effectively until she found a fitness trainer. They helped her to fuel her body with the right foods, train and strengthen her entire body for overall health, strength and well being. She also learned to control her thinking and banished self doubt. Or, as she puts it, “She Got her Mind Right”. Unlocking the power to transform and live an optimal quality of life really inspired her to become a personal trainer herself.

Whitney Johns

Her Workouts

Whitney has creative workout routines. She really takes advantage of any location to be energetic.

One of the best ways to stay toned is to include Resistance Bands in your fitness routine.

Whitney does a stair routine with Resistance Bands. Fair warning before you watch; the music choice is an aural assault at first.

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Shelley Darlington

Shelley Darlington is a captivating Fitness Instructor and YouTuber.

Her Authenticity and Honesty will hit you like a breath of fresh air. She really cares about the content she is providing to her fans.  She really wants everyone to benefit from her advice.  Most surprisingly, She’s not selling anything.  Hopefully that will change soon.   Shelley’s definitely a fitness coach to follow. 

She bares a striking resemblance to the famous Actress, Emily Blunt.

Shelley has a similar Australian Accent and is a pleasure to watch and listen to. She has a growing knowledge of work out practices and techniques. Her body speaks to the effectiveness of their application.  Pay her channel a visit.

Also check out her Instagram channel.

Shelly Darlington

Zuzka Light

Dear Readers,

Zuzka Light is an amazingly prolific YouTube star.  Her Channel has millions of views. 
She’s inspiring because of her Relentless Determination.  Her motto is “Never. Give. Up.”  Her physique is the reward of all her hard work and the application and demonstration of her knowledge.

She is amazingly inventive and always seems to be able to create new workouts that stress your muscles in new ways.  It keeps your body from reaching a plateau and helps you to make new gains.   Be sure to checkout out her site https://zuzkalight.com.

Zuszka Light inspirational quotes:

Here she is speaking about how exercise improves your sense of well-being.

“Why some people procrastinate even though they know they should exercise?

And why do others feel motivated to workout daily?

If you’re the one who’s procrastinating then you must have convinced yourself that exercising is not a pleasant experience and you’re doing anything to avoid it.

The people who are motivated are looking forward to the feeling of strength and confidence that exercise gives them.

They love the sweat and the pain comes with it.

It’s two different perspectives. Here’s what you can do…

Commit to only 5 minutes of exercise every day in the comfort of your home. A ZGYM membership will come in handy. And just notice how does it make you feel.  Notice the difference before and after exercise.

A lot of times 5 minutes becomes 10 or 20 minutes and you realize that you feel amazing. That’s the feeling you should hold onto and associate with working out. Tag a friend that needs to hear this! 💪”

— Zuzka Light
Zuzka Light Fitspo
Zuska is a pleasure to watch and has a charming accent that makes her nice to listen to as well.  Nice music too.  She is very fit and her demonstrations are very advanced, so her videos might only be of use to our most advanced Readers.

Anllela Sagra

Anllela Sagra (Mid 20s at the time of this writing) is living the fitness lifestyle and can show you how to achieve your goals as well.
Visit her site:
and take a look at her transformation programs.

Anllela Sagra

See her beach fitness workout (The music choice is not the best):

BuffBunny Heidi Somers

Dear Reader,

For Health and Beauty inspiration, Instruction plus dietary, Food Prep knowledge and ideas:

You should check out the BuffBunny (aka Heidi Somers).

She used to be an average, everyday person.

She used to be average

That is until she dipped into her reservoir of determination and motivation and transformed her body and her life. She reached her fitness goals with gradual achievement of small step by step goals.

Perseverance is the key to achieving all goals in life and for a living breathing example of that, just see buffbunny. We all need role models at various stages of our life. They inspire us, motivate us and give us leverage by being an accessible source of new knowledge.

Heidi Somers, the buffbunny

Heidi’s documented her life’s journey to fitness on YouTube. Be sure to subscribe to her channel.

“Working hard for your body is a wonderful lesson. It teaches you respect, discipline, determination, confidence, patience, and so much more.” – Heidi Somers

INSTAGRAM: buffbunny
SNAPCHAT: Buffbunny
FACEBOOK: Heidi Somers
TWITTER: @HeidiSomers
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/heidisomers

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