How to lose weight fast? Should you?

4. Resistance Training at least 3 times / week
Whether it’s free weights or resistance bands, your body was meant for you to use its muscles. Isn’t it also of interest that we are naturally attracted to fit toned physiques.
It’s an instinctive indicator of good health. Yoga is also a great way to use your own bodyweight for exercise resistance. Even light weights can work. Move them slowly and you can reach that all important Time Under Tension goal. It will burn fat, build muscle and get you looking and feeling great.

5. Fasted Cardio. Try exercising before your first meal. Drink water when you do. A high intensity work out will give you great energy for the rest of the day and have you metabolism humming along all day.

6. Drink Coffee or Green Tea. No milk or sugar though. Both will raise your metabolism.

7. Eat your food slowly. Fast eaters gain more weight and will suffer digestive issues. Eating slowly makes you feel full, satisfied and boosts weight-reducing hormone production.

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