Workout Equipment

Get the most from your workouts.
The body responds to strenuous effort by becoming, more fit and toned.

This Equipment can help you reach your fitness goals:

Heavy Duty Chin Up Bar Easy Installation for Immediate Use
Slips easily onto any standard and sturdy doorframe (24”-36”) without damage
to your walls and doors. Built to last, the heavy duty steel bar is easy to assemble and holds up to 300 pounds to suit a variety of users.
After your upper body workout is complete, the portable device allows you to remove it and place against the base of any doorframe using the grips to support your feet during sit-ups and crunches.
It’s mobility also allows you to store it away quickly. If desired, it can also be mounted with screws on any doorframe in your home or garage as a more permanent fixture
(J brackets included). Assembly and installation instructions are included.

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